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The World's First Couples’ Massager that Rotates & Vibrates

Discover a mind-blowing new way to share intimacy with Ida™, the premium couples’ massager worn by women when making love. Ida™ is the world's first remote-controlled couples’ massager to combine powerful vibrations with thrilling rotations, offering completely new sensations for both partners. More pleasure for him, more pleasure for her with unlimited possibilities for play - your love life will never be the same again!

  • World’s First Rotating and Vibrating Couples’ Massager
  • Remote-Controls with SenseMotion™ technology
  • 8 Stimulation Modes (6 Standard, 2 Motion-Sensitive)
  • 100% Waterproof & Rechargeable (2 hours use)
  • Ultra-smooth, Body-safe Silicone Design
  • 1-Year Warranty & 10 Year Quality Guarantee
  • Purpose:
    Couples massager worn during intercourse. G-spot massage for her and intense sensations for him.

    Internal & G-Spot

    1-Year Warranty
    Product Specifications:
    • Length: 3 inches.
    • Width: 0.75 inches.
    •  Waterproof
    •  Phthalate Free
    •  Multiple Speeds
    •  Multiple Functions
    •  Vibrates
    •  Pulsates
    •  Escalates
    •  Rotates

    How to Use:
    Start with the lowest vibration setting and make slow circular motions around the clitoris, labia or other pleasurable areas. Get a feel for the vibration and then slowly move it to more sensitive parts while experimenting with speeds and patterns.

    Internal & G-Spot
    The G-spot is an area of spongy tissue located on the anterior (front wall) of the vagina about one to three inches, surrounding the urethra. Some people can have orgasms with direct stimulation of this area, and G-spot stimulation may result in ejaculation of fluid through the urethra. This fluid is not urine, but is produced by glands located around the urethra.

    Not everyone that has this urethral sponge or G-spot will respond in the same way to its stimulation. (Some people find their G-spot feels no different from other parts of the vaginal barrel). Experiment!

    Insert the vibrator into the vagina with the tip angled toward the front of the body. Try applying different amounts of pressure, movements, and different vibration modes and levels to find what’s pleasurable.

    Special Features:
    100% Waterproof
    Travel Lock
    8 Adjustable Vibration/Rotation Modes
    Stimulation Patterns with Movements of Remote
    1-Year Warranty

    Cleaning Instructions:
    Clean before and after each use with toy cleaner and warm water

    Material: Silicone

    Lube Recommended: Water Based

    Love this and it brings love making with my hubby to a whole new level foe us both! Love the video -- MilitaryWife - 08/13/2014

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